Tours to Israel
Have you ever dreamed of visiting the land of Israel? The Holy Land is a place where the past meets the present and the words of Scripture come alive to embrace them both.

It is an experience that can transform the life of a believer in Jesus. A trip to Israel will draw you closer to the Lord and give you a whole new perspective on your walk with God.

  Celebrate Israel's 70th Anniversary by touring the Land with our staff!

** This tour is now fully booked! **

In July 2018, Chosen People Ministries' staff members from around the world will gather for a week in Jerusalem to celebrate Israel's 70th anniversary. Everyone - including you - is welcome!  

Join us for daily tours throughout Israel during the daytime and special presentations from well-known Messianic scholars each evening.  Finish off the week with us at Joel Rosenberg's Epicenter Prayer Summit.

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   Next Canadian Tour

March 24 - April 4, 2019

Details available soon.

   Chinese Language Study Tour of Israel

Hosted by Gordon Law who served in Israel with Chosen People Ministries for a number of years.  

The following tours are organized through our US offices and fly out of a US city.  The links will take you to our US/International site.

See Israel Through Jewish Eyes

For more information, contact Chosen People Ministries by calling (561) 737-1431 or sending us an e-mail.

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