Pray for Our Work

The single most important thing you can do to support the work of Chosen People Ministries is to pray.

The Bible says that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful, and we believe that your prayers empower our workers to reach Jewish people with the Gospel of Messiah Jesus. Chosen People Ministries has prayer supporters across Canada and around the world.

Your commitment to pray for any aspect of our work daily builds an army of supporters who are praying for the salvation and safety of Israel twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. What an amazing blessing!

Copies of our monthly prayer calendars with timely prayer needs relating to our Canadian ministry can be downloaded here:

Canadian Prayer Calendar - May 2018

Canadian Prayer Calendar - June 2018

Canadian Prayer Calendar - July 2018

Canadian Prayer Calendar - August 2018

Canadian Prayer Calendar - September 2018

If you would prefer to receive a copy of these calendars in the mail, please contact Marilou.

Here are some previously recorded presentations on praying for Israel:

Here are some additional things you can pray for:

Pray for the Jewish people

  • Most Jewish people around the world are only culturally Jewish, and have an array of religious beliefs that may include atheism, humanism, Buddhism, and others. There are also many observant Jewish people, who are committed to practicing the particulars of the Jewish faith. One of the few common threads for Jewish people around the world is their refusal to consider the Messianic claims of Jesus. This makes Jewish people very difficult to reach with the Gospel; and yet we must. The Bible tells us to bring the Gospel to Jerusalem first. Will you join us in praying for the Jewish people?
  • Think of one location, possibly a city elsewhere in the world or a neighbourhood in your town, where you know a group of Jewish people resides. Pray specifically for that Jewish community, that they would experience God's grace. Pray that one influential person in the community would come to faith in Messiah Jesus, and then share his or her faith with others. Pray that other believers in Jesus would be brought to the community, who might share the Gospel in a sensitive but bold way.
  • Pray for a Jewish organization, a specific profession, or a couple of influential Jewish people. For example, you may decide to pray for Jewish professors on campuses across Canada. Pray that they would not only be open to the idea of faith in Jesus, but become disciples of the Messiah. Pray that they would be able to use their influence with youth to show the reasonability of faith in the Messiah.
  • Pray for the attitude of the Jewish people toward the person of Jesus. Pray that popular opinion would shift such that the stigma suffered by Jewish believers would shift. Pray that people would feel less afraid to investigate the person of Jesus. Pray that Jewish people would begin to accept the Jewishness of Jesus. Pray that Messianic Jewish faith would become acceptable in the Jewish community, so that people are less afraid to consider its claims.
  • Pray for Jewish youth. Pray that they would grow up with an understanding of what it means to be Jewish, and with a love for their Jewish identity. Pray that God would bring friends into their midst who love Jesus and will show them love as well. Pray that campus ministries and church outreach events would be welcoming to Jewish people, so that these dear young ones will understand God's plan of salvation for the Jewish people and the world. Pray that they would then influence their families for the Gospel.
  • Ask God to protect Jewish people from anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitic books, actions, and people are on the rise everywhere. Jewish people in nations like Russia, France, Ukraine, Argentina, and other places are nervous about their future. Pray for their safety and peace. Pray that God will transform those who mistakenly hate the Jewish people; that their minds will be changed through love, rather than punishment.

Pray for Messianic Jewish Believers

  • Pray for Jewish believers in Jesus, that they would be strengthened in their faith. Pray that they would find strong, Bible-believing, caring Messianic congregations to attend. Pray that their children will also become believers in Jesus. Pray that they would feel confident in their faith, and be able to share it with Jewish family members, friends, neighbours, and coworkers.
  • Pray for the still unbelieving family members of Jewish believers. Pray that they would respect the faith of their loved one. Pray that families would be united in love across theological differences. Pray for them to be open to the Gospel, and that they would ultimately come to faith in Jesus as well.
  • Pray for Messianic congregations. Pray that they would find safe places to worship and conduct services. Pray that they would find the funding they need in order to run their ministries. Pray that they would grow in numbers while remaining true to the faith. Pray that their leaders would receive the training that they need, and that God would call more people to Messianic Jewish leadership. Pray that programs for children and youth would be strengthened. Pray that they would reach out to intermarried families (one spouse is Jewish and the other is not) in their community with love and understanding.
  • Pray for the Charles L. Feinberg Center in New York City. This is the first seminary-level program in North America designed to train Messianic Jewish leadership. Pray that God would bring the right students to this program. Pray that the professors would have wisdom in educating these current and future ministers of the Gospel. Pray that the Feinberg Center would find all of the funding it needs to run strongly, and that it would have a mighty impact on the continued growth of the Messianic movement.

Pray for Your Jewish Friends

  • Think of Jewish people in your circle of influence. Pray for their spiritual lives; pray that God would reveal Himself to them, that they might recognize the spiritual needs they have in their lives. Ask God to meet those needs, whether through you or others in their lives.
  • Pray for your relationship with your Jewish friend. Ask God to show you ways to strengthen that friendship, and pray for wisdom regarding opportunities to share your faith with them. Pray for sensitivity to their needs and their feelings.

Pray for Chosen People Ministries

  • Think of a specific nation in which you are interested. First, pray for the Jewish community in that nation, that it would be safe from harm and from anti-Semitism. Pray for the government of that nation, that it would create policies that strongly oppose anti-Semitism, and that allow freedom for Chosen People Ministries staff members to do their work. Then, pray for the full integration of staff workers in that nation into the Jewish community there. Pray that staff workers in that nation would have unity among themselves, other Jewish believers, and Christians in the area.
  • Think of a specific staff worker for whom you want to pray. Ask God first to encourage them spiritually, that they will be renewed if they are feeling tired or burned out. Ask God to calm any spiritual doubts they may be having about their faith or their ministry. Pray for their families - spouses and children - that they would be unified in faith and life. Pray for them to have wisdom in their work, knowing when to focus on what they are already doing, when to start new initiatives, and when to end or change ministries that are foundering. Pray for their finances, that they would have the income they need to focus less on money and more on the work they have been given to do. Pray for those to whom they are ministering, that their hearts will be open to the Gospel.
  • Pray for the ministries of Chosen People Ministries' staff workers. Pray that these ministries will function in a way that brings glory to the Lord and the Gospel to the Jewish people. Pray that these ministries will be attended by the right people, and that they would be fully funded. Pray that God would use all our ministries to bring people to faith in Jesus and to strengthen the faith of those who already believe. Pray that God will inspire people to innovate new forms of outreach, and that workers will have the vision to carry these through to completion.
  • Pray for the leadership of Chosen People Ministries. Pray for Jorge Sedaca (Executive Director), that he will have wisdom as he leads our Canadian organization in its day-to-day operations. Pray for his continued spiritual growth, his schedule and safety, and his vision for the future of the Ministry.  Pray for the Board members, that they would keep their fingers on the pulse of the Mission and remain committed to Jewish ministry. Pray for the Administration Department, as they keep track of budgets, expenses, missionary accounts, and other technical aspects of running the ministry. Pray for the Church Ministries Department as they schedule staff workers to share about Jewish ministry in churches across Canada; pray that they would find churches who truly care for the Jewish people, and that the work of Chosen People Ministries with these churches would truly benefit the believers there and bring many Jewish people to faith. Pray for the Communications Department as they manage our Canadian publications (paper and electronic).

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

  • Pray for the people of Israel, that they will live in hope and faith, rather than fear. Pray that God will protect them from war and from terrorist attacks.
  • Pray for the Israeli government, that it will have wisdom in planning the future of the nation and its interactions with its neighbours. Pray that the government will utilize the Israeli army and its weapons with wisdom and care.
  • Pray for the governments of neighbouring nations, especially Iran, Palestine, Egypt, and Syria. Ask God to keep peace between these delicately balanced nations, and ask Him to protect Israel from her enemies. Ask for these leaders to prefer peace to war, and the safety of their people to the alternative.
  • Ask God to soften the hearts of militant anti-Semites in the area, including Hamas, the president of Iran, and other nations. Give these people a heart for Israel and a desire of maintain peace across religious divides.
  • Pray for the United States and other historically pro-Israel nations. Pray that they would continue to support the Jewish nation, and that brokering for peace will not prohibit justice from being served. 
  • Pray that God will raise up leaders in our own Canadian government who are committed to supporting Israel and the Jewish people.  Pray that God will bless them and continue to give them a heart for Israel.