Our Messianic Centres

What Is a Messianic Centre?

Jewish Messianic Centres are indispensable for reaching Jewish people for Jesus and are a vital part of our world-wide vision and strategy.

For many Jewish people, the first step across the threshold of a church is the hardest they will ever take. This is because most Jewish people think that by accepting Jesus, they are betraying their Jewish heritage.

And this is why there must be a place that allows Jewish people to encounter the claims of the Gospel without the painful associations conjured up, sadly, by the troubled history of Jewish-Christian relations.

We must provide a safe place where a Jewish person can listen to the Gospel message without feeling threatened.

Our Messianic Centres function in exactly this way – they are safe havens where Jewish people can hear and respond to the Gospel message.

Modelled after the traditional Jewish Community Centre, Messianic Centres serve Jewish people with Gospel-centred programs and outreach events for people of all ages and in all stages of life. The Centres provide a powerful statement to the Jewish community – and to the public at large – that Jesus was Jewish and that believing in Him is a very Jewish thing to do!

Imagine a map of the world with a Messianic Centre in every major Jewish population centre around the globe. Does that seem like an impossible dream? Perhaps the Lord will return first, but at the moment, by His grace, it is a dream that is in the process of coming true!

It is especially important that we purchase properties for these Centres, as they are always in Jewish neighbourhoods and landlords can be reluctant to rent to us, as some of our teams have experienced firsthand.

Is it worth it? Absolutely! These Centres are as valuable to our ministry of Jewish evangelism as your church building is to your congregation.

But, like you, our emphasis is on evangelism, and the value of the Centres is not brick and mortar – it is transformed lives!

One example is a 15-year-old Jewish girl who accompanied her grandmother to a service at one of our Messianic Centres. Although she initially felt isolated, a peer who is strong in the faith befriended her, and as their friendship blossomed, this girl became a believer. Since then, she has witnessed to her large family and to her schoolmates. Her father, opposed to her coming to our Centre at first, was so impressed by the changes he saw in her that he and other family members are now coming to the services. He has also given her permission to be baptized.

We need your support toward the Toronto Messianic Centre. Your gift toward this project will be greatly appreciated! You can be assured that the Lord will use your gift for His glory!

Thank you for sharing our vision for the future of God's work among His chosen people. We are so grateful for your faithfulness, prayers and generous support.

Jerusalem Messianic Center

Buenos Aires Messianic Center

Brooklyn Messianic Center

South Florida Messianic Center

Chosen People Ministries' Messianic Centres World-Wide

Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Messianic Centre is only a 20-minute walk from the Western Wall. The Centre offers a home-like atmosphere to bring seekers for special programs, such as Gospel-oriented videos, and serves as a home base for Chosen People Ministries' short-term missions. It also hosts training seminars for Messianic leaders from Israel and around the world.

Berlin. The Berlin Messianic Centre is the first building dedicated to Jewish evangelism in Germany since World War II. Special services, outreach events and classes are among the activities taking place there.

Argentina. The Chosen People Ministries Messianic Centre in Argentina is located in Buenos Aires, home to more than 200,000 Jewish people. This hub of ministry coordinates administration, worship services, evangelistic outreaches and volunteer activities such as spiritual counseling and hospital visitation.

New York City.  Manhattan. Chosen People Ministries' International Headquarters in Manhattan houses the offices of the President and administrative staff of the Mission. In addition, it provides meeting rooms and facilities for short-term missions programs such as the Summer Training and Evangelism Program (STEP) and other classes pertinent to faith issues.

South Florida. With about three quarters of a million Jewish people, South Florida is one of the largest Jewish population centres in the world. Chosen People Ministries carries out a vigorous outreach there that includes home visiting, fellowship groups and evangelistic training. The Messianic Centre houses our congregation and will also be the focal point for Bible studies, discipleship programs, special services and other outreach events.

New York City-Brooklyn. The Hilda Koser Messianic Centre is located in the heart of Brooklyn's one-million-strong Jewish population. Outreach activities include a Messianic Shabbat fellowship, prayer and Bible study meetings in English and Russian, English as a Second Language classes, and cultural events that invite people to become involved in the life of the Centre.

And, now, Toronto and Winnipeg! 

The Messianic Centre is the most important advance in our Toronto ministry since we started congregation planting here in the 1980's. We have urgently needed office space and rooms for Bible studies, counselling and discipleship. Plans are already underway for a new Resource Centre where staff and students will find basic and advanced books and training materials for Jewish ministry.

Most important, we now have a central location to host evangelistic functions and special events, along with expanded weekly congregation programs for youth and families. This will be a dynamic new home for Messianic dance, music and cultural activities to draw people from across the GTA. We have a vision for this site as the heart of a vibrant, caring and effective community ministry dedicated to sharing Israel's Messiah with His people.


Ben Volman, Toronto Director of Ministries