Haverim Mashiach - Fellowship of Messiah

Haverim Mashiach

In February 2010, Adonai directed Michael and Chantal Wodlinger to begin a congregation here in Winnipeg.  Congregation Haverim Mashiach is a Messianic fellowship of Jews and Gentiles, coming together to worship our One God. 

As a Messianic congregation, we are underpinned with the following understandings:

  • Yeshua is our Messiah and our God.
  • As Messianic believers we obey God's written word, the Bible.
  • We are free to keep the Sabbath on the seventh day (Saturday) as a perpetual day of our Lord’s rest, and to follow and celebrate the Feasts of the Lord. 

Recently, Michael and Chantal followed the Lord's leading to continue serving with Chosen People Ministries in Quebec.  Nevertheless, Haverim Mashiach continues. Please visit our congregational website to learn more about us.

To contact us:

Telephone - 1-888-442-5535
Email - winnipeg-mb@chosenpeople.ca