Inside Israel


February 2017


Israel Helps Syrian Wounded

Over the past six years, Israel’s neighbour, Syria, has been at war. Many wounded Syrians now approach Israel’s borders for help. During the night, they come to known spots in the Golan along the Israeli-Syrian border. Israeli patrols are on the lookout for the wounded and army medics come quickly to protect them from more injuries by taking them to local hospitals for treatment. Israel will not accept Syrian refugees but, over the years, Israel has accepted 2,600 Syrians for medical treatment. Many patients do not want to give their real names or have their pictures taken for fear of retribution once they return to Syria. Because Israel has treated Syrians with such kindness, many of their perceptions of Israel as the enemy are changed.  (,7340,L-4912188,00.html)

Please pray for these Syrian refugees who are wounded and seeking healing in Israeli hospitals.  

Numbers of Holocaust Survivors in Israel Today

Data released by the Central Bureau of Statistics just before International Holocaust Remembrance Day say that there are 200,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel. (The definition of Holocaust survivors changes between organizations, but the Bureau says that a Holocaust survivor is someone who was exposed to the Nazi regime.) There are three groups within this number.  The first are the 63,000 Israelis who lived in a ghetto, in hiding, or in a concentration or extermination camp from the years 1933-1945. The second were 30,000 who were forced to leave their places of residence, and the third are the 109,000 who lived in countries under Nazi control. All these Holocaust survivors are entitled to government help and stipends. By 2020, their numbers will decrease by 23%.  (,7340,L-4913224,00.html)

Please pray for these precious people who suffered so greatly.

New Software to Combat Worldwide Internet Antisemitism

In its annual report to the Israeli government, the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs gave its review of antisemitic activity on the Internet around the world. It saw an increased number of incidents from Germany, mainly because of the refugee crisis. Compared to 2015, the incidents of antisemitism have increased 200%. England also saw a huge spike whereas France saw a 65% decrease in response to the government making efforts to combat racism and antisemitism. The report also showed a 45% increase on United States campuses with many students and faculty receiving harassment, swastika graffiti, and verbal and physical abuse. 

Former members of the Israeli Defense Forces Technology and Intelligence Units have developed a new system for identifying antisemitic material on the Internet in real time using an interactive map. By doing so, it can show how many messages and posts are being shared from countries and specific areas within the country. Since the Internet reaches billions of people, it will help companies remove racist content and deal with the sender. Antisemitism and hate incitement has increased exponentially online and is cause for much concern.  (,7340,L-4910922,00.html)

Please pray against worldwide antisemitism, that negative words, media and bias would be stopped.

New Cave with Evidence of Dead Sea Scrolls Found

For the first time in 60 years, a new cave has been found near Qumran in the Dead Sea area containing evidence that scrolls were once here, but had been looted. This monumental discovery points to new clues that there are likely more caves to be discovered. In this twelfth cave, the researchers found a jar with a fragment inside. It was rushed to Hebrew University to be examined. The scroll did not contain any writing on it, but was being prepared for writing. This initial discovery led to looking deeper inside the cave. There were found fragments of pottery jars, wrappings for scrolls, and other antiquities. In 1946-47, intact scrolls were found in these Qumran caves in the desert with preserved scrolls of the Scriptures, notably an entire scroll of the Book of Isaiah.  (

Please pray for further discoveries, leading to the authentication of the Scriptures.


Sea of Galilee Water Levels Rising

This past winter has seen adequate rainfall contributing to the Sea of Galilee water levels rising at a rate of half a centimetre per day. Currently it is 455 cm below the upper red line (at which level the Sea of Galilee is “full”).  It has not been full in many years.  Currently it is 35 cm below the lower red line, which means it is not in a danger zone.  When it gets too low, salt water seeps in and changes the chemistry of the fresh waters, damaging fish and plant life. More rainy weather is on the way and when the snow melts on Mount Hermon, its runoff will help raise the sea.  (
Praise God for rain!


Rockets Fired on Israel’s South 

Recently, rockets were fired from the Sinai Peninsula toward Israel’s southern city of Eilat. The Iron Dome intercepted three rockets and one rocket landed in an open area. Sirens went off late at night, causing people to wake up and go to their safe rooms. No one was hurt. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.  Twenty-five thousand Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai are combating between 800-1,000 ISIS fighters. The Egyptian army is also finding and destroying tunnels built by Hamas and ISIS.  (,7340,L-4919939,00.htmlz)

Please pray for protection for Israel’s civilians and the Israel Defense Forces as its southern and northern borders are open to attack from Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS.


Special Chinese New Year Event at the Tel Aviv Ministry Center

Recently, a unique event took place at the new Tel Aviv Ministry Center – a Chinese New Year celebration! Believing sisters from Hong Kong brought games, music, Chinese snacks and tea, and taught calligraphy and watercolour painting. Among the invited guests were Israelis who had travelled to Hong Kong. It was a creative way to meet people and through natural conversation,share about our faith and testimony.



November 2016


Rain in Eilat

Rain finally came to Israel! In the southern port city of Eilat, this was a miracle! Eilat is a dry desert town that reaches temperatures of 110C in the summer. It received a year’s worth of rain in one evening, 27.7 mm, with 21 mm falling in two hours. The rain closed the airport for a day, as well as most roads. All the vacation hotels had major flooding.,7340,L-4871361,00.html

Please pray for more rain to come to a country that has not seen rain since March as the ground, crops, reservoirs need to be replenished.
Photo: Aviram Levi

Tanzania Helps Israel with UNESCO

The recent UNESCO decision to disregard Jewish ties to Jerusalem and the Western Wall and to call Israel the occupier has been softened with the help from Tanzania. This unlikely help came as a result of its new President, John Magufuli, a devout Catholic, who has vowed to help and stand by Israel. Tanzania had previously been hostile to Israel. Tanzania’s interventions helped to change UNESCO’S wording to be more respectful of Israel’s connection to its holy sites in Jerusalem; specifically, that Israel is no longer referenced as the occupying force.,7340,L-4872473,00.html

Please pray for further connections and alliances with Israel and other African countries.

Tanzanian President John Magufuli strengthened relations with Israel (Photo: AFP)

Holocaust Survivors' Beauty Pageant

Fourteen elderly women who survived the Holocaust walked down the red carpet in Israel’s fourth annual beauty pageant for Holocaust Survivors. The pageant hoped to honour these women and their difficult pasts by giving them a chance to get dressed up and feel beautiful. Many had to have help as they walked down the aisle, their ages ranging from 73 to 89. Most of the women came to Israel in 1948.,7340,L-4872648,00.html

Please pray for these woman and many others in Israel who survived the death camps across Europe.

Photo: EPA

Recycling Plastic Bottles

Israel is currently a world leader in plastic recycling – approximately 59% of plastics are recycled compared to the UK and France at 57% and the USA at 32%.  In a country of almost 8 million people, 750,000 plastic bottles are recycled each day while a new mission is to recycle 1 million bottles a day. This saves 80,000 tons of landfill waste per year and saves money on the import of raw materials.,7340,L-4874975,00.html

Please pray for Israel’s further development and innovation in recycling, lowering landfill waste and safer ways to use and develop plastics. 

ELA bottle and battery recycling bin on the streets of Israel (Photo: Doron Golan)

Netanyahu Calls to Congratulate

Prime Minister Netanyahu called US President-elect Donald Trump to congratulate him on his win.  Netanyahu believes that the two leaders will continue to strengthen their unique alliance and calls Trump a special friend of Israel. Trump invited Netanyahu to Washington at his earliest convenience. As well, Netanyahu called Hillary Clinton and thanked her for her support for Israel and invited her to come to Israel – an open invitation to see him at his President’s office.

Please pray for Donald Trump, as he becomes the next US President, that he would continue to support and help Israel, the United States’ ally in the Middle East.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump meeting at the Trump Tower in New York, September 25, 2016. (Kobi Gideon/GPO) Makes a Difference

Many Israelis are accessing the website in Hebrew and researching and pondering who the Suffering Servant is that Isaiah 53 talks about. This is a great way for Israelis to hear the Gospel in the safety of their own homes. Often in the synagogues, Isaiah 53 is purposefully skipped over so that the clarity of Jesus’ death and forgiveness for us is not seen.  Recently, 130 people in Israel have asked for the book to be mailed to their homes.

Please pray for the email follow-up and discipleship, hopefully in person, by our staff.

Isaiah 53 Explained in Hebrew
October 2016  

Letters To God

Two times every year, the Israeli post delivers special letters to Jerusalem’s Western Wall. The Western Wall is the outer support wall from the original Temple, a holy site for Jews as well as Christians. It is also the site where the Dome of the Rock stands – a holy site for Muslims. These letters arrive from all over the world addressed to “God,” “Our Heavenly Father,” and “the Holy One.” Rabbis stuff them into the cracks in between the stones of the wall. During the Jewish High Holiday season, these letters are respectfully treated, as they contain prayers and concerns from people.

Please pray for those who sent these letters that they would find their answers and comfort in the One who has saved and delivered us from sin – Jesus the Messiah!


Remembering Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres, Israel’s ninth president, passed away at the age of 93. He was the last of the founding fathers of Israel, having served in the government since the 1950s, even being mentored as David Ben Gurion’s political protégé. He was born in Poland and immigrated to Israel when he was 11, in 1934. Before studying at New York University and Harvard in the 1950s, he was a part of the Haganah in 1947, as leader of defense acquisitions in Israel’s newly developing army. During his political career, he served in almost every major post of Israel’s leadership including Defense Minister, Foreign Minister and Education Minister. In 1994, he received the Nobel peace prize along with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat for their diplomatic achievements in the Oslo Peace Accords. After Rabin’s assassination in 1995, Shimon Peres became the acting Prime Minister for two years. From then on, he continued to be elected to different Knesset portfolios until 2007, when he became Israel’s ninth president – an office he held until 2014. He was married for 75 years and he and his late wife have three children.,7340,L-4854441,00.html

Please pray for Shimon Peres’ family as they mourn his loss.


Palestinian President Abbas Attended Peres’ Funeral

After months of not talking and a stalled peace process, the Palestinians extended an olive branch when President Mahmoud Abbas attended Shimon Peres’ funeral along with some of his deputies. Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas had a few words and shook hands.  President Abbas commended Shimon Peres and described him as a partner in peace along with Yassar Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin. He also recognized Shimon Peres’ efforts to forge a sustainable peace between Israelis and Palestinians since the signing of the Oslo Accords until the final moments of his life.,7340,L-4861448,00.html

Please pray for more opportunities for discussion and ideas for the peace process.


The World’s Oldest Man’s Bar Mitzvah

The world’s oldest man, Yisrael Kristal, has just had his Bar Mitzvah at the age of 113. He missed his opportunity to be Bar Mitzvah at the correct age of 13 because of World War I. He survived the Holocaust where he lost his first wife and two children, and then immigrated to Israel in 1950 with his second wife and now has numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This special ceremony is normally to mark the coming of age of a young man at 13, but for Yisrael Kristal, it demonstrated his love for God’s word, which he has had all his life.

Please pray for many, like Yisrael Kristal, who lost so much during the Holocaust, that they would see God’s love and salvation in Jesus – the best gift of all.



The High Holidays

During the Jewish High Holidays, Israel takes on a different feel—more signs of kindness, joy and hospitality and yet for many people, they are wondering if God will be pleased with them and forgive their sins. Please pray with us during this season that many would hear about, read, speak and feel the gift of salvation that can be had by all. Jesus is the true forgiver of sins by His sacrifice and atonement for all. His blood covers our sins. We are working and praying hard for our ministries to reflect this message!

Learn more about the High Holidays:

Some red juicy pomegranate, whole and broken, on dark rustic wooden table

June 2016

Netanyahu Visits Site of Attack In Tel Aviv
Prime Minister Netanyahu visited the restaurant where the horrific terrorist attacks took place recently. It was at the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv where gunmen opened fire on diners, killing four and wounding 16. He said we must mourn and return to life. The village where the attackers were from has been in lockdown, work permits have been revoked, and entry permits to Israel for 80,000 Palestinians were frozen during the Ramadan season. The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to condemn the attack of terrorism and wanted those responsible for being brought to justice. This is the first official statement of condemnation of terrorism from the Council since the current wave of violence started eight months ago. 

Read more.

Please pray for the families and friends mourning the loss of their loved ones and for the victims recovering in the hospitals.
Israeli Unemployment Down
Israel’s unemployment rates dropped to their lowest in 30 years to 4.9%. Unemployment has been dropping since 2004 when it was 11% during the Second Intifada. More full-time work has become available and part-time jobs have decreased. Israel’s unemployment rates match the United States current percentages. 

Read more.

Praise God that more jobs are available for Israeli workers.
Ben Gurion Airport One of the Safest In The World
Ben Gurion Airport has been deemed one of the safest airports in the world. It has many layers of security, most of which the 16 million passengers who pass through the airport don’t see. It screens every cargo and passenger airline, pilot, crew and passenger before it enters into Israeli airspace. It is a relatively small airport, 20% the size of Heathrow in London and 15% the size of Atlanta’s airport. Regardless, because of the growing concern for airport safety, Israel is hosting 40 countries for a security demonstration in the coming weeks. 

Read more.

Please pray for the airport’s continued safety and security of passengers flying in and out.
Hezbollah Tunnel Digging In The North
Along Israel’s northern border, Hezbollah is claiming to be preparing for its next conflict with Israel. It has been 16 years since Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon during its long conflict. Hezbollah now claims that it is learning from their counterparts in the south, Hamas, and are digging tunnels. These tunnels have a vast electric system, enough food for weeks and even a ventilation system to prevent moisture from damaging equipment. Hezbollah has a large supply of rockets, which they have used in the past on Israeli civilians in the north.

Read more.

Please pray that Israel can stop the tunnel digging and the preparations for war on Israel’s northern borders where many civilians live.

Ministry in Tel Aviv
Please pray for our ministries and staff in Tel Aviv. We are praying to expand our work and ministry by planting a congregation and starting Bible studies and seminars, both practical and spiritually motivated. We are excited by the response of those who want the Isaiah 53 Explained book, most people ordering online from our Hebrew website. These people need follow-up and prayer as they consider who the Messiah is. Through our ministries in Tel Aviv, we hope that these contacts can be invited for more discussion. Please pray for our workers, who do not live far from this last terrorist attack in Sarona.

May 2016

Increase in Tourism and Israeli Travel 

During the recent Passover holiday in Israel, over 1.1 million travellers passed through Ben Gurion Airport, both Israelis and tourists. This is a marked increase of 13% from last year. The top destinations for Israelis were Italy, France, the Greek Islands and the United States. The busiest airline was Turkish Airlines but only for quick layovers in transit to other destinations. Although it might be the cheapest way to travel, Israelis have been warned not to stay in Turkey because of threats towards Israeli tourists.   


Read more.

Please pray for continued safety for Israelis travelling abroad and for the tight security at Ben Gurion Airport. 

Israel Will Never Leave the Golan 

Prime Minister Netanyahu recently declared that the Golan Heights would forever remain under Israel’s sovereign control. In a recent visit to Moscow, Russian Prime Minister Putin and Netanyahu discussed the Golan Heights and Netanyahu explained that it was crucial for Israel’s security for it to remain in Israeli hands. Syrian fighting has brought Hezbollah close to Israel’s borders with heavy weaponry and Israel does not want another war with Hezbollah, who fired hundreds of rockets on Israeli civilians a few years ago. Part of the Golan Heights is shared with Syria, a close neighbor to Israel. Often, because of Syria’s civil war, stray mortars or airplanes have entered Israeli space. 


Read more.

Please pray for Israeli’s safety along its border shared with Syria.   

Holocaust Survivors Living in Poverty Receive Budget Surplus

A new study recently published showed that 45,000 Holocaust survivors live in poverty and are worried about their finances. They are also lonely and in poor health. On May 5, Israel remembered the six million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust by observing a moment of silence throughout the country. Cars, buses, businesses, schools and people came to a stop for a minute while listening to the sirens blasting. There are 190,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel, of whom two-thirds are women. The average age is 80 and 13% are over 90 years old.  In addition, 13% of them die each year. As a result of this recent study, the Knesset Finance Committee transferred one million shekels from a 2015 budget surplus to help these dear Holocaust survivors.    


Read more.

Read more. 

Please pray for these dear Holocaust survivors to be healthy and happy with a sound mind and heart.

Israelis Fly to Canada to Help with Forest Fire

An Israeli-based non-profit and non-governmental organization has sent volunteers to provide primarily psycho-social interventions in order to deal with the needs and responses of the evacuees who are staying in temporary shelters. Mostly, the volunteers are sent to developing countries and this will be the first time they are sent to Canada. Israel is a leader in dealing with helping people through stressful relief situations; and once the fire is put out, they will send in other teams to help clean up the debris.   

Read more.

Please pray for this fire to be put out and the devastation to be cleaned up quickly so peoples’ lives can be put back in order.

Israel Celebrates 68 Years!

As Israel celebrates its 68th modern birthday, its population has grown by 2.2% in the last year to 8.5 million. Over 195,000 babies were born and 36,000 people made Aliyah (Jews immigrating from another country to live in Israel). The Jewish population is 74.8% and the Arab population is 20.8%. In 1948, Israel’s population was 806,000 and its only city of 100,000 people was Tel Aviv/Jaffa. Now Israel has 14 cities of more than 100,000. Israel is a leader in the world among high-tech innovation and medical advances and research. Israelis celebrated Independence Day with BBQs, picnics, hikes, fireworks and airshows. It was a joyous day throughout the country!  

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Praise God for 68 years of the rebirth of Israel!

Israelis Vote on “Most Israeli” Fruit and Vegetable

Over Independence Day, a poll was conducted to find which fruit and vegetable was the most “Israeli.” The citizens voted the tomato the most Israeli and that they like to eat it diced in a salad. The “Israeli Salad” is made up of cucumber, tomatoes and onions with olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice and a sprinkle of vinegar. The citrus fruit was voted the most “Israeli fruit.”  Israelis are known to consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. The tomato is excellent in anti-oxidants, lycopene and alpha and beta carotene. The citrus is an excellent source of vitamin C. This might contribute to Israeli’s high level of fitness and general good health. 


Please pray for the farmers and farmland to remain healthy and able to bear fruit.

Serving the Holocaust Survivors

Right before Holocaust Remembrance Day, a group of Chinese Christians who were visiting Israel stopped their touring and helped Chosen People Ministries to unload a food delivery truck, package food parcels and get them ready to be handed out to Holocaust survivors. Chosen People Ministries in Israel has a vibrant work among this population of dear people. Many of them are poor and this extra supply of food is helpful to their finances. They were happy to receive the food parcels, especially from visitors who had traveled so far!

April 2016

The Last Jews of Yemen

Recently, the Jewish Agency held a covert operation to fly out 17 Yemeni Jews who wanted to move to Israel. These Jews lived among Muslim friends and neighbours, but life was getting increasingly hard for them. Their rabbi came with them, bringing their 600-year-old Torah scroll. There are still 40-50 Jews in Yemen who were not so involved in the Jewish community and did not want to come to Israel. Read more...

Please pray that this small group will integrate quickly into Israeli society as they start their new life in Israel.

No More Free Plastic Bags

Following much of the world, Israel passed a law banning free plastic bags given at every vegetable stand, grocery store and multi-purpose store. Starting in 2017, bags will be available only for a charge. It is estimated that each Israeli uses 274 bags per year, a huge amount. These bags have created an enormous environmental problem and Israel is hoping to help the planet a little this way. Read more...

Please pray for our planet.  Pray that we will learn better ways to clean it up, protect it and make our living conditions all the cleaner!

Renewed Peace Talks?

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has told Israeli news channels that he is open and ready to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The peace talks have been stalled for two years now amid violence from the Palestinians. Abbas claims that they check Palestinian schools for knives and other weapons and recently found 70 knives among the students. Abbas spoke to the teenagers saying he does not want them to die or to cause people on the other side to die. In the meantime, Netanyahu has said that he has cleared his schedule and is waiting for Abbas’ call for their meeting. Read more...

Please pray for these two leaders who carry immense burdens. Pray that they will meet and that the current wave of violence will end.

Iron Dome Celebrating Fifth Year  

Israel is celebrating the fifth year since the Iron Dome missile defense system’s first interception.  Since then, it has intercepted more than 1,000 enemy rockets intended for Israeli civilian areas from over 8,000 launches. It has a 90% success rate. Israel has ten Iron Dome batteries scattered throughout the country. Read more...

Please pray for the Iron Dome’s continued success in securing peace and safety for Israelis against rockets sent to hurt and destroy them.

Treating Syria’s Wounded

From the start of Syria’s civil war, Israel has agreed that any person who reaches Israel’s borders will be treated for their medical needs – wounds or sicknesses. To date, Israel has treated hundreds of such cases. A five-year-old girl was recently taken to a Haifa hospital for gunshot wounds she received after being caught in a crossfire. While there, doctors discovered she had cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant. Israeli secret service took unprecedented measures and found a donor relative in a neighbouring enemy state. They smuggled out the donor, and both are now receiving treatment in Israeli hospitals. Read more...

Please pray for the girl, and many like her, who are receiving life-saving treatment in Israeli hospitals.

Fewer Terror Attacks

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said recently that, through the help of Shin Bet (Israeli secret service), local police, military and Palestinian security services, there has been a significant drop in terror threats and attacks. Both offensive and defensive actions have increased dramatically, showing the Palestinian “lone wolf” attackers that their efforts are hopeless. There were only 20 significant attacks in March and three so far in April compared to 78 in October. Twenty-nine Israelis and four foreign nationals have been killed, with 250 Israelis having been wounded. Israelis are more vigilant for possible attacks in crowded places and at busy travel junctions. Read more...

Please pray that those who have been injured will recover from their wounds.  Pray for the families who have lost loved ones.

Weapons Cache Found

In an operation following months of investigation, massive weapons caches were found in two Israeli Arab villages. Twenty-seven people have been arrested, 200 weapons were seized, and this particular ring of gun smuggling and dealing has come to an end. M-16 and AK 47 assault rifles were taken as well as submachine guns, hand pistols and large amounts of ammunition. Read more...

Please pray that other such planning for violence and killing would be found and stopped.

Passover Is Almost Here

Chosen People Ministries in Israel will be hosting many Passover Seders around the country with new friends and old, as everyone gathers for family and event seders. Please pray for this time of Passover as the message of the Messiah is clear and strong. Pray that they will have open ears and eyes to see Jesus as our Passover Lamb! It is a special time of year in Israel. Please pray for Israel’s safety, security and those who protect us. 

February 2016

Attack Tunnels Need to be Dismantled

Although Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff, Gen. Eisenkot, has said that there will be no pre-emptive attack against Gaza and its tunnel building, he has said that it is top priority to dismantle. During Operation Protective Edge a year and a half ago, many solid, long tunnels were found and destroyed. These tunnels led into Israel and the intent was to hurt and kill civilians. There are hundreds of engineers near the Gaza border using advanced technology to find and destroy these attack tunnels.

Read more here.
Please pray that these attack tunnels are found and that the people of Gaza would stop using their precious supplies for evil but rather to rebuild their infrastructure.  

New Israeli Device to See Through Fog

Israel has developed a drone that can see through fog, even up to 19 kilometers away. Most systems lose their targets through fog, but this drone can be used on land and sea and has day/night cameras, radar and infra-red. Israel developed this since so many attacks happen in the early morning when fog is thick. The device can even zero in on “distortion vapours” that occur on hot days.  It is sensitive enough to pick up the difference between humans and animals. 

Read more here.

Please pray for more technology to be developed to help guard the Land and its people. 

Skiing Near Syria

The Golan Heights is a highly strategic area straddling Israel and Syria which is kept under strict surveillance. It is 2,200 meters above sea level and receives lots of snow in the winter. It is an excellent place for skiing and snow fun in a country known more for its deserts and beaches.  On one side of the Golan Heights Israelis are skiing and on the other side a war rages, with Damascus only 40 kilometeres away.  Often the slopes have to be evacuated because of misguided shells from the neighbouring war.  Israeli soldiers are everywhere, keeping watch with binoculars and snowmobiles; the border is just meters away. 

Read more here.
Please pray for the war in Syria, right on Israel’s doorstep.

Olmert Admits Wrongdoing

After years of court proceedings, former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, has admitted that he is guilty of obstruction of justice. The case involved bribery, taking state funds and allowing property development while in office. He will serve 19 months in prison and pay a large fine. A State witness recorded him trying to persuade her not to testify against him, but to lie under oath. He is the first former head of government in Israel to go to prison. 

Read more here.

Please pray for our leaders, that they would be trustworthy, above reproach and wise in their dealings.

Stop-and-Frisk Law Passed   

Under reasonable suspicion, police are now able to stop someone and frisk them, searching their body and belongings. This is in response to the large number of stabbing attacks and attempts around the country by people seeking to kill and injure Israelis. The Knesset passed the law under controversy, as it might discriminate against Arabs, Ethiopians and other dark-skinned Jews, but many agreed it will allow the police to more effectively carry out their duties protecting civilians. 

Read more here.

Please pray for those seeking to do harm, to be stopped and convinced that violence is not the way to peace.  

Blogger’s Censorship

Thirty bloggers and webmasters received orders from the Israel Defense Forces' Communications Department to submit content and articles for censorship before publishing.  Many thinking it was a joke found out that, because of perilous content being published about the Defense Forces, future weapon acquisition, military subject matter and anti-Israel writings, they now have to obtain approval. Israel can severely limit their publishing or ask server providers from other countries to erase their content. It is said that this is in Israel’s best interest. 

Read more here.

Please pray for safety and security in the cyber world because of how far ill-intended remarks about Israel can reach.

Chosen People Ministries Hosts Special Evening for Single Mothers

Just recently we had a special event with single mothers, a night of special food, fun and spending time with each other. A short message was given and we pray that they mothers left refreshed and uplifted with the good food and a good word! Ironically, it fell on Valentine’s Day, but special Chinese food was cooked to celebrate Chinese New Year! 

January 2016

Israel’s Stealth Fighter Jets

By the end of 2016, Israel will be receiving its first ever stealth fighter jet, which is being built in the USA. At a cost of $110 million USD, it is the most expensive and the most advanced in the fleet. Israel has ordered 33 more planes at a cost of $4.75 billion USD to be delivered through 2021. These planes can evade radar and have guided missiles in air combat.  

Read more here.

Please pray for Israel’s air force, navy, army and special forces, that they would have wisdom and guidance in protecting the nation and citizens.


Water from the Sea of Galilee

Despite a wet December and an even rainier January, the Sea of Galilee is at its lowest levels since records began in 1926. This is a result of the past three very dry years. The Sea of Galilee is sitting at the Lower Red Line. The government has determined that when the water level reaches this line, water may not be withdrawn. There is also a Lower Black Line at which water cannot for any reason be withdrawn. The Sea of Galilee came within 13 cm of this in 2001 and after that, the government built five desalination plants, which now provide 40% of Israel’s drinking water. Every 10 cm of water from the Sea of Galilee is 17 million cubit meters of water, which is 3.5 times Israel’s national consumption.

Read more here.

Please pray for the Sea of Galilee to be replenished so that surrounding farms, rivers and water reserves can be replenished.


Terrorist Shooting in Downtown Tel Aviv

On January 1, a man from an Arab village in Israel’s north opened fire on a crowded restaurant in downtown Tel Aviv. He killed two young Israelis and wounded many others. Armed, he escaped on foot. His father identified him and asked that he turn himself in. His affiliations are not known. Understandably, many families are feeling a bit on edge.

After a week on the run, the young man tried to open fire on the police who were after him and instead died with the same gun he used in Tel Aviv in his hands. Shin Bet, Israel’s secret services, had been hunting him in many neighbourhoods across Tel Aviv, as he had been working in the area, but instead, two hours after the shooting, he made it home with the help of accomplices. For a week he was sheltered and moved to different homes to evade police until he was caught. Shin Bet had been interviewing his family, waiting to find a lead.

Read more here.

Please pray for the families and friends who are mourning the loss of their loved ones and for the healing of those who were injured.


French Immigration (Aliyah) to Israel

2015 saw a record number of French Jews immigrate to Israel, nearly 8,000. France has Europe’s largest number of Jewish people, at about 550,000. Many who came to Israel cited economic uncertainty and antisemitism. Most left France because of fear and security issues related to Islamic terrorism. In general, immigration to Israel was up with 30,000 new arrivals, a 15-year high for Israel’s population growth and development.

Read more here.

Please pray for Israel’s new arrivals to settle in safely and with a sense of being and purpose.  


IDF Prepares for ISIS and Hezbollah on Israel’s Northern Border

The Israel Defense Forces recently bolstered their presence and preparedness in Israel’s north after two situations occurred. First, Israel targeted and took out a known and dangerous terrorist working with Hezbollah, who has vowed revenge for his killing. Second, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi threatened Israel in an audio address saying they have not forgotten the Jewish people and are coming to get them out of Palestine. ISIS has a presence in Syria along Israel’s border, but they are not heavily armed there. Regardless, having Hezbollah and ISIS near, Israel sensed its urgency and has made preparations for defense.  

Read more here.

Please pray for wisdom and strategy in dealing with these two enemies near Israel’s borders. 


Chosen People Ministries in Israel Continues to Reach Out with the Love of Messiah

In this new year, we are planning many exciting things as we continue to reach out to all those the Lord puts in our path.

Please pray for our ongoing ministry work among new immigrants, those in need, Holocaust survivors and young adults. Such a variety of people, but the Lord knows every need and desire.

We pray that we can minister to them with words of truth and salvation!



November 2, 2015 

Police Reservists Called Up for Duty

Recently, Israel called up 10,000 reserve border police to boost personnel and be more prepared for the rising wave of terror and attacks. They are considering that violence among the Arab populations will spread to more cities around the country. Arab speakers and those in cyber-crime are especially being used to monitor social media sites where calls for attacks and intentions for attacks are broadcasted. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “I have ordered the mobilization of Border Police companies in order to restore security and order in Jerusalem and around the country. We will continue to do all that is necessary.”

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Please pray for the protection of these police as they monitor roads and neighbourhoods that are flashpoints of danger.

Israel’s Iron Dome Activated as Rockets Launched into Israel

The Iron Dome has been deployed to Beer Sheva as there have been a few rockets sent from Gaza recently. One fell in an open area of Israel’s south and a few have been sent towards Ashkelon. Code Red sirens have rung out to warn the population. As well, hundreds of rioters have swarmed the border fence between Gaza and Israel, hurling rocks and attempting to breach the border.

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Please pray for those soldiers who are defending Israel’s borders in the South, as the situation turns hot and tense.

Wave Of Terror

A wave of terror sweeping over Israel has seen many civilian Israelis stabbed and rammed by cars and hit by stones. The Palestinians who are doing this are of all ages and professions, male and female. Prime Minister Netanyahu recently called for a special Defense meeting and spoke to the Knesset saying that Israel would settle its account with “murderers and those who want to kill, and anyone who helps them. Not only won't they have any rights (to live in Israel), but we will extract the full price from them.” Netanyahu turned to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and said, “Stop lying, stop inciting. Don't turn murderers into heroes.” Netanyahu entreated Abbas, calling on him to fulfill his responsibility as a leader and work to restore calm. Social media and words from local Imams are saying that the Jews are planning to take over the Al Aksa mosque and Temple Mount, a holy site to both Muslims and Jews.  

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Please pray for those who have been injured, for their physical and mental wounds to heal and for the families who are mourning the loss of their loved ones, that they would find comfort in the midst of sorrow.

Climate Ups and Downs in Israel

This summer, Israel experienced its hottest temperatures on record. On the other extreme, Israel also had its coldest temperatures ever recorded in the Mt. Hermon region, reaching minus 14 C. These temperatures along with extreme weather such as heat waves, sand storms, flooding, heavy rains, winds and droughts have been felt even more so in Israel this past year compared to previous years. Studies have been done by the Meteorological Service's Climate Department to show these facts. Similar climate changes are being felt the world over.

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Please pray for those affected by climate change in Israel – farmers, fisherman, tourism industry and renewable energies.

Victims of the Bus Shooting

Terrorists boarded a bus in Jerusalem and opened fire, killing two people and injuring dozens more. One of the men killed, Alon Guverg, had no living relatives to mourn him at his funeral. An open invitation was given to the Israeli public to come to mourn. Hundreds of people came to mourn a stranger – this innocent Israeli civilian murdered because he was Jewish. The people came, both secular and ultra-Orthodox, to grieve one of the “family.” 

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Please pray for those who are mourning the death of their loved ones and for those who are recovering from wounds in the hospitals. 

Ministry in the Dark Hours

Despite all that is happening, we are still ministering in Israel to those who need help, a hug and someone to talk to.  We are visiting with Holocaust survivors, those who receive help through our food distributions, and we are speaking with our friends, family and neighbours to spread the love and peace He gave to us through His gift of salvation – Yeshua the Messiah. 

May 25, 2015

Israel’s New Government To Be Sworn In


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government will be sworn in with a right-wing coalition government by a slim majority of 61 seats out of 120 Knesset seats.  He finalized his government with 90 minutes to spare before his deadline.  If he had been unable to form the coalition, the opportunity to do so would have been given to his rival and the party with the second largest number of seats in the Knesset.  Currently, Netanyahu’s coalition is made up of hard line and religious parties that could create struggles with settlement and peace agendas.  The frail majority might not be able to hold together and many believe there will be another call for elections in the near future.


Please pray for Israel’s government to take shape and lead the country without struggles.




Civil Weddings Wanted In Israel 


In Israel, all weddings must be conducted by the Rabbinate in order to be valid and certified by the government.  As most of Israel is secular and not wanting Orthodox-religious ceremonies, this creates a problem.  Many Israelis travel outside of Israel to receive their wedding license, then have a wedding party or ceremony in Israel.  This is the same with couples where one partner is not Jewish. Eighty percent of the public in Israel wish to see changes made in the law that would allow civil weddings.,7340,L-4655613,00.html


Please pray that the ultra-Orthodox would have less power in the government.




Increased Cases of Cancer in Haifa


Air pollution levels in Haifa have reached record highs.  Oil refineries and other factories on the edge of the Mediterranean have limited checks and inspections, allowing them to spew dangerous materials into the air.  As well as these high pollution rates, cancer rates in children living in Haifa have increased.  The people demand change from their mayor.  


Read more:,7340,L-4649221,00.html


Please pray for safety for the residents of Haifa against these hazardous materials. 




Aid and Medical Help Sent to Nepal From Israel


Very quickly after the devastating earthquake hit in Nepal, Israel sent an El Al aircraft to rescue and remove many of its citizens from the region.  Almost 300 people came back to Israel, including many newborn babies, born from surrogates in Nepal.  In addition, Israel sent 95 tons of humanitarian and medical supplies as well as mobilizing 260 medical and search-and-rescue teams to be sent to Nepal to help with the relief efforts. Israel also set up a field hospital to treat the wounded since Nepalese hospitals were overcrowded and running out of supplies.,7340,L-4650937,00.html


Please pray for the wounded, grieving and homeless in Nepal.




Israelis Living With Stress Still Live Longer Than Most 


Despite living under constant stress from a shaky economy, nuclear threats and many military operations, Israelis live the third longest of any other people in the world.  Men’s life expectancy is the fourth longest while women's is tenth longest – alongside countries like Australia, Norway, Japan, Switzerland and Iceland.  Reasons given for this ability to live with stress are Israelis’ optimism – “People here are proud to be Israelis, believe in values and believe that we will manage to face the threats in the future as well,” says Professor Ben-Dor, a sociologist from the University of Haifa.  He also stated, "If someone comes from another country, he may be alarmed by the weapons on the street, but here it's a routine matter. Compared to other countries, the Israeli society has gotten used to living alongside war and we are not so scared of traumatic events.”  The warmth of Israelis, as well as their families being close by foster close relationships with family members.,7340,L-4650791,00.html


Please pray for these “good feelings” to also translate to a spiritual need leading to an understanding and belief in Jesus.




Gaza Construction Supplies Return from Israel


Israel has held an eight-year blockade against allowing construction materials and iron into Gaza for fear that they will use it for aggressive purposes including building attack tunnels.  However, recently Israel allowed 354 trucks to go from Israel to Gaza carrying 14,000 tons of construction materials.  This will help Gaza continue to rebuild after last summer’s Operation Protective Edge where Israel sought out and destroyed many attack tunnels built under apartment buildings and other public places.,7340,L-4651907,00.html


Please pray for those who wish to re-arm and attack Israel, that their efforts would be stopped.




Isaiah 53 Site Sparks Emailing and Questions About the Bible 


Recently, someone wrote in from the Hebrew site, asking for an Isaiah 53 Explained book by Mitch Glaser.  He received the book and was sent a follow-up email a few weeks later.  He got angry and asked not to be contacted again, but strangely enough, kept emailing with more questions and got more answers.  Even though he said he didn’t want to talk, he did!  There have been some great email questions about the Bible and about what Isaiah 53 has to say about the death of the One who was pierced for our sins. 


Please pray for the salvation of this man living somewhere in Israel. 

January 09, 2015


Oil Spill in Israel’s Desert

Recently, an oil spill in Israel’s southern desert has been called one of the worst pollution events in Israel’s history.  Cleanup of the spill will take months and cause serious landscape changes to the nature reserve.  A crack in Israel’s Trans-Israel oil pipeline burst, spilling millions of liters of crude oil over a seven-kilometer stretch.  The pipeline was built in 1957 to transfer oil from Iran to Europe, but today is used to transfer oil from Ashdod to Eilat.  (Ynet)

Please pray for the cleanup to be smooth and rare animals (gazelle) and vegetation (palm and acacia trees) won’t be harmed.


Israeli Elections in March

The Israeli Knesset disbanded dramatically recently, calling for March elections to create a new ruling coalition.  Many say that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not receive enough seats for a majority in the coming elections and will find it hard to create a coalition.  Many say the years of “King Bibi” are over.  Two other parties, Labour and Hatnua, run by Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog seem to be the current favorites.  Running together, they can receive enough seats to be the winning majority.  If they win, they agreed that they each can be Prime Minister for two years.  (Ynet)

Please pray for these coming elections. 


Supermarket Terrorist Attack

In a supermarket on the outskirts of Jerusalem, where both Arabs and Israelis shop together with no suspicions, a 16-year-old Palestinian pulled out a knife and stabbed two customers.  He tried to flee but an off-duty security guard, who happens to work at the Prime Minister’s office, reacted.  He pulled out his weapon, chased the terrorist and shot him in the leg, causing him to collapse and be arrested. (Ynet)

Please pray for those recovering from physical and emotional wounds. 


Ultra-Orthodox in the Air Force

The ultra-orthodox have traditionally not served in the Israeli Defense Forces, citing their need to study Torah.  This mentality has made many secular Israelis angry, that they can be exempt from mandatory military service with which all other young people must comply.  This is starting to change as 400 ultra-orthodox young men have enlisted in 2014. Recently, 60 were integrated into the Israeli Air Force, living in segregated rooms with the proper food they need for their very traditional way of life.  They will receive technical training that they can use once leaving the Air Force. (Israel National News)

Please pray for the development and training of those in the Israeli Defense Forces. 


Israel’s Placement on a Global List of Corrupt Countries

Israel ranked 37th out of 175 on a global list of countries rated on their corruption. Denmark topped the list as least corrupt while North Korea was at the bottom as most corrupt.  Issues that caused a low score were widespread bribery, lack of punishment for corruption, and public institutions that do not cater to citizens’ needs.  Israel has had its share of corrupt politicians and injustice to migrants in Israel.  (Israel National News)

Please pray for Israel to make better individual and widespread choices of conduct.