Phase 2 of the Toronto Messianic Centre
How do you take your second floor?  Double-Double!

November 2016

Dear Partner in Ministry,

When I moved to Canada six years ago, it didn’t take long before I’d heard and began to use the phrase “Double-Double” at every coffee shop. 

“Well,” I thought to myself, “What better phrase to use for this new campaign than Double-Double?”

Let me explain.  A few months ago, we were blessed to offer two matching gift campaigns – Make It a Double and Make It a Double … Again. Thanks to generous Partners like you, we raised over $100,000 toward Phase 2 of the Toronto Messianic Centre – adding an outreach and training floor to the existing ground floor and basement (see details at bottom). Those campaigns had such an impact on our ministry that many supporters caught the excitement.

I’m blown away by the way God has been working among us!

Now, another long-time Partner of our ministry has pledged to match every dollar given toward Phase 2 of the Toronto Messianic Centre up to $30,000!

That’s right!  If you can help us raise $30,000 in the next few weeks, this donor will give $30,000 for the building of the second floor, bringing the total to $60,000!  This amount added to the funds we have already received will bring us closer to the goal of raising everything needed to complete the project without incurring debt. We want to finish the second floor sooner and without having to pay a loan!  Is this exciting or what? 

To be honest, the previous matching funds campaigns went so well that I was ready to do another one right away. But we realized we needed to take a break and thank the Lord for His bountiful provision first. And give you a chance to recover, too!

Now God is showing us that it’s time to carry on with another challenge! 

Our generous Partner is ready for us to begin and we are, too. The question is, “Are you ready?”

A passage of Scripture comes to my mind.  In it the Lord clearly commands that we try Him to see if He will not bless us when we follow His lead:

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse,
so that there may be food in My house,
and test Me now in this,” says the Lord of hosts,
“if I will not open for you the windows of heaven,
and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows.”

Malachi 3:10

God’s promise is clear: if we are faithful to give, He will be faithful to multiply our gifts!  We can never out-give Him!

So here is a great opportunity to give whatever amount the Lord lays on your heart and it will be automatically doubled!  $1 becomes $2.  $5 becomes $10.  $100 becomes $200.  $500 becomes $1,000.

In our first summer challenge, we set a deadline.  However, our Partners in Ministry responded so quickly that we decided not to set a deadline for the second challenge.  Both matching gift challenges were fulfilled much sooner than we expected! 

So for this challenge we have learned our lesson: we are just putting this opportunity out there for you – following our anonymous Partner’s wishes – and then we will wait upon the Lord to fulfill His promise!

Will you take the challenge to give toward Phase 2 of the Toronto Messianic Centre?  As God leads, please call or write and say, “Here is my Double-Double gift for the building project!” 

  • Help us reach our goal of raising $30,000 in the next few weeks.

  • Assist us in fulfilling the dream of finishing the Toronto Messianic Centre so that many Jewish people can be ministered to with the love of Messiah Jesus.

  • Come alongside our staff as we plan activities, programs and events to show our love and care for the Jewish community that so desperately needs to experience God’s love in their lives.

  • Take an active role in building ministry for the future as we train leaders and young people to more effectively share the Gospel with their Jewish friends.

Ask God to show you the way He wants you to be part of this challenge. Be assured that every amount, whether large or small, will bring glory to the Lord and will be used to build His kingdom! 

Please don’t delay. Surprise us as you did before by fulfilling this challenge in a way that can only be attributed to God’s intervention!

Thank you for your generosity, your boldness and your sacrificial giving!  We are honoured and humbled by your partnership with Chosen People Ministries. To God be the glory!

     Until all Israel is saved,
     Jorge Sedaca
     Executive Director

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Arise & Build

Then they said, "Let us arise and build."  
So they put their hands to the good work.
Nehemiah 2:18b

December 2015

Shalom in the wonderful name of Jesus the Messiah!

I have some great and long-expected news to share with you regarding our Toronto Messianic Centre.  After more than two years of negotiations with the City of Toronto and the business next door, we have finally signed a Permanent Easement Agreement with our Jewish neighbour to the west! 

This agreement was one of the requirements the City had determined was necessary to secure free access to our rear parking lot before granting us permission to add a second floor to our building.  The agreement also gives us access to our neighbour's parking spaces after office hours and on weekends.

A friend of our ministry who is a real estate lawyer donated his time during the last two years to help us jump through all the legal hoops.  The easement represents an investment of over $55,000 added to the value of our property.

We praise the Lord for this major step toward the completion of  Phase 2 of our Toronto Messianic Centre.  And we thank every Partner in Ministry who has contributed toward this project.

Now we can begin planning the construction of the second floor at 225 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto.

We are in conversations with our architect to make some modifications to the original drawings of almost six years ago.  The second Phase will include:

  • a large meeting area (about 1200 square feet) with seating capacity for an audience of 80+ people,
  • retractable dividers allowing conversion of the meeting area into three smaller meeting areas,the installation of a sound system and a projection system,
  • additional much needed storage space,
  • a small office,
  • two washrooms (now required by the City),
  • an elevator to access all three floors (basement, first and second floors),
  • a staircase to access the second floor,
  • an awning to cover the building’s main entrance,
  • additional parking spaces in front of the building and
  • landscaping. 

These elements will allow us to expand our ministry in several ways.  With the second floor we will be able:

  • to host Bible studies and other outreach activities – such as Shalom Toronto – reaching into Canada’s largest Jewish community located right in our midst;
  • to offer training events for pastors and leaders on topics such as Jewish evangelism, the Jewish roots of our faith, the Feasts of Israel, Israel in God's plan and others;
  • to offer Hebrew classes at various levels, as well as classes on subjects such as Messianic music and worship;
  • to hold special events celebrating the Biblical feasts, as well as other important dates for the Jewish community and Israel.  These occasions could include banquets, concerts and other cultural or social events – showing our Jewish brothers and sisters the love of Messiah in practical ways.

Rising construction costs plus the needed equipment and furniture have moved the project expenses closer to $500,000. After paying for the easement, we still have about $100,000 set apart for Phase 2.  Since we do not want to incur any debt unless absolutely necessary, we are committed to raising the $350,000 needed to complete the project.

Many have given toward the Toronto Messianic Centre in the past, and we are grateful!  Even with only a basement and ground floor, the Centre has proven to be of inestimable worth in furthering our ministry.

If you are a new Partner in Ministry, you might not have known that this project has been on hold.

Whether you are an established or a new Partner with Chosen People Ministries, we want to give you the opportunity to be part of something today that will impact the lives of thousands of Jews – and Gentiles – in the years to come.

As I write this, there is no other Messianic centre in Canada with the characteristics and ministry potential to compare with the one we are building in Toronto – where most Jewish Canadians live.

This structure will give us the strong presence and voice we need to present the message and claims of Jesus the Messiah within the Jewish community.  It will also give us a tremendously useful venue to provide training to the larger Christian community about the need to share the Gospel with their Jewish friends.

In a time when support for Israel and Jewish causes is declining around the world – even within the Christian church – we can clearly and visibly declare that we stand with Israel and the Jewish people by completing and dedicating this building for this purpose.

With God's help and your financial support, we can complete Phase 2 of the Toronto Messianic Centre before the end of 2016.  With all my heart, I believe this is possible

This is the appointed time! Now is the door of opportunity open for a great harvest among God's beloved Jewish people.  According to the signs around us, the return of the Lord is drawing closer and closer, and according to Scripture, this is when many Jews will recognize Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah.  What an exciting time to be alive! And what a privilege it is to play a significant role in the salvation of so many Jewish souls!

Will you join me, our staff, our Board of Directors and other Partners in Ministry in this task?

Will you commit yourself to pray for your Mission to the Jews and to support us financially?

If you are already our Partner, we say, “Thank you!”  We ask that you continue your support and consider sending a special extra gift for the building project.

You may want to consider becoming a regular monthly partner by signing up to be part of our Watchman for Jerusalem program.  As I have said before, whatever you can send will be used toward the building if you so designate it.  And I’ll repeat again: no gift is too small or too large when it is for God’s Kingdom!

Please make Phase 2 of the Toronto Messianic Centre a matter of daily prayer and give sacrificially towards this ministry opportunity according to the Lord's prompting on your heart.  Help us complete the Centre by the end of 2016!

From all of us here at Chosen People Ministries (Canada), and on behalf of future generations of believers in Jesus, we are deeply grateful.

Faithfully in Messiah,

Jorge Sedaca, Executive Director





The Toronto Messianic Centre as it is today -- ground floor and basement, about 3000sf in total.

The Toronto Messianic Centre when Phase 2 has been completed - with the addition of a second floor and another 1500sf.

At the Dedication of the Toronto Messianic Centre in 2010.  Larry Rich, Joseph Gray, Jorge Sedaca and Ben Volman (l-r) cut the ribbon.  It was a cold day!

Our National Headquarters and all our National Departments (Administration, Communications, Church Ministires, Executive Director, etc.) and the Toronto ministry are all crammed onto one small floor.  

This leaves the basement with an open area suitable for small meetings and training sessions and a full kitchen.  

A second floor is desperately needed!

A number of Jewish businesses and organizations are located in our immediate area.  They all know we are here!

Thank you for partnering with us!