Alliance for the Peace of Jerusalem

The Alliance for the Peace of Jerusalem is an organization dedicated to facilitating a better public understanding of the complexities of the Middle East including its roots in history and the Bible. 

The group, which is comprised of key faith leaders, scholars, authors, and pastors, strives to educate Millennials and others about Israel’s role in the biblical narrative – past, present, and future – while also affirming God’s concern for Palestinians and all people’s of the Middle East. 

The purpose of the Alliance is: 


1.  To unite Pro-Israel Evangelicals in concerted action to counterbalance the growing Supersessionist trends within the global Evangelical movement. 

2.  To promote a theology that gives Israel a proper place in the story of the Bible and that is relevant and sensitive to the theological and social issues of the Middle East conflict and engenders a greater degree of respect among the broader movement of Evangelicals.

3. To create a theological position that is positive towards Israel, demonstrates concern for the spiritual well being of Palestinians and all citizens of the Middle East that younger Evangelicals may more easily embrace. 

4. To stimulate theological discussion, conferences, and the production of resources, books, websites, videos, podcasts, etc., at both an academic and popular level to impart this theological perspective within the “academy” and among pastors and Christian leaders. 

5. To better define and respond to the theological and ethical issues of the IsraeliPalestinian Conflict leading to authentic dialogue and more genuine reconciliation in the region.

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