Our Vision

Chosen People Ministries exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple

and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same.

From Our Executive Director,
Rev. Jorge Sedaca

Fall 2010

It is with great joy in my heart that I write this!  God has shown Himself mighty and faithful to Chosen People Ministries (Canada), especially in the last few months.  Let me share with you the reasons for my excitement.

The Toronto Messianic Centre 

After years of prayer and planning, God has allowed us to complete Phase I of the Toronto Messianic Centre and our Canadian Headquarters at 225 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto.  By mid-October we received the final occupancy permits, allowing us to move from our old building on Sheppard Avenue West to our new beautiful and functional building. 

If you have ever moved from one house to another, you know that it is not an easy task.  Deciding what to leave behind and what to take entailed quite a bit of work from our staff, but they all did a fantastic job in getting ready for moving day on October 15, 2010. Today we can say we are pretty much settled in our new ministry home.

Sunday, December 5, 2010 was another big day for us when we held a Dedication Ceremony for our new building.  The afternoon included a ribbon cutting, praise and worship, fellowship and general open house.  Many of the Mission’s friends and supporters were with us for the historic occasion, blessing us with their presence and encouraging words.  Whether you were present that day or not, we invite you to visit us any time so we can show you around and tell you about the wonderful things the Lord is doing among us! 

But we’re not done with the building yet!  One of the challenges we face now is the beginning of Phase II, which will add a second floor to the existing building.  This will provide us with more space to hold worship, discipleship, training and prayer events for our Jewish community at large and for Messianic believers in particular.  We also plan to host training seminars for pastors and church leaders who want to learn more about Messianic Jewish ministry.  As the Lord allows, we hope to begin construction by late spring of 2011.  Please pray that we receive the needed permits from the City of Toronto.

Gods Call to Canada

I also want to share with you part of the journey that the Lord took me through to bring me to Canada as the new National Director for Chosen People Ministries.

It all started last March when my wife, Marta, and I were living in the Atlanta area.  Chosen People Ministries’ President Mitch Glaser and Vice-President David Sedaca were in Atlanta for the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism.  They wanted to meet with the leadership of the mission organization I was working with at the time.  I made the arrangements for them, we had the meeting and then Mitch and David (who is also my brother) took me out for a cup of coffee. 

During our conversation, Mitch told me they were looking for a new Canadian Director for Chosen People Ministries.  I told him that, if I came across someone interested in the position, I would pass on the information and let him know. 

But then Mitch surprised me by saying, We were actually thinking that you might be that person.

Once I recovered from my initial shock, I told him moving to Canada was not in my plans, but I would think about it – although I wasn’t ready to actually pray about it yet!  So I went home and shared the unexpected news with Marta, wondering what her reaction would be.  To my surprise she saidWell, maybe thats a door of ministry the Lord is opening and that you need to pray about.  Of course, I wasn’t expecting that answer either!  I put the thought aside and went on with life.

A few weeks later, Mitch called and asked me if I had thought about Canada.  I told him no, but upon his reiterating the fact that God was impressing upon him and others that I should be the new Canadian Director, I agreed to visit Toronto on an exploratory mission, with no commitment on either part.  So I spent a couple of days in April with the Canadian leadership, talking about the Mission’s past, present and future.  I spent time getting a feel for Toronto, the Jewish population and the possibilities for future ministry.  I also visited the old office and was introduced to the staff as a “guest.” I must confess that my first reaction to everything I saw and heard was very positive.

At home I shared with Marta what I had seen and experienced, and she noticed my excitement even then.  So, as we normally do for every situation, we began to pray more specifically that the Lord would clearly show us His will about Canada and Chosen People Ministries.  And the Lord began to move in our hearts!

As our prayers became more intense and focused, the answer from the Lord began to take shape.  Our conversations with Mitch Glaser became more regular.  In June, Marta and I travelled to New York for more formal conversations with him.  That trip gave us an opportunity to meet the US Headquarters staff and see how the Mission functions there.  At the end of our visit, we told Mitch we were ready to move forward and meet with the Canadian Board of Directors. 

Due to my busy schedule, I was not able to meet with the Canadian Board until the end of July.  But it was worth the wait for at least two reasons.  One, I don’t like to rush into important and life-changing decisions.  Two, I believe that good things take time in the making. 

During the meeting with the Board, both Marta and I were able to share our life and family experiences, our ministry experiences and our philosophy of ministry.  As we shared what we had to offer to CPMC, we also heard from the Board about the enormous future growth possibilities for Jewish ministry in Canada. 

At the end of a long day, both the Board and we felt that coming to serve as Canadian Director was something that God had orchestrated.  They offered me the position.  Of course, Marta and I said yes without any doubt in our hearts and with total confidence in the Lord!

My first official event in Canada was attending and speaking at the 2010 Haverim Conference in September.  Marta and I were thrilled to meet so many new friends and feel welcomed to our new home and ministry. 

It was a privilege to stand together with the past Canadian Directors who were all present at the Conference (l to r in this photo):  David Sedaca (my brother), Larry Rich, Joseph Gray, Ben Volman and myself. 

God’s hand even guided every detail of our final move into our new Ontario home at the end of October.  Now we are here, settled in, learning the culture and ways of Canada and, most importantly, already going full speed ahead with the work at hand.


Our Vision for the Work in Canada

Let me finish this long letter by sharing thevision God laid upon my heart as soon as He confirmed His calling to us.  I’ve been sharing it since I arrived with everyone who will listen.  I want to share it with you so you can join me in prayer and see what part God would have you play in it.

Our vision is to share the Good News of Messiah with every Jewish person in Canada.  Sounds a little too bold?  Well, my question is, where do we stop?  After we share with 5% or 10% of the Jews?  What about the rest?  When is it enough?  Are we going to let them die without being exposed to the gospel?  Our goal is to share with all.  How are we going to do that?

By starting small groups that can become congregations.  Whatever you call them (cell groups, home Bible studies, etc.), these groups are non-threatening places for Jewish people to be exposed to Yeshua the Messiah.  As they grow, some of them may become congregations. 

But the more groups we start, the more chances a congregation will be planted.  And how are we going to accomplish that?

By expanding our missionary force.  We need more missionaries and more missionary-minded people who will join us on our journey.  As more potential missionary team members become available, we’ll work with them!  And how are we planning to make that happen?

By training future Messianic leaders through our present and future Messianic Centres.  Right now, we have centres in Winnipeg and Toronto.  We hope to have more in other areas with high Jewish populations.  How is that going to take place?

By expanding our base of supporters, both individuals and churches.  We know we cannot do this alone and neither is it God’s plan that we do it alone.  We need you, our partner, to accomplish the task by sharing your time, your talents and your treasures.  My personal goal is to see our average monthly Canadian donation support level increase by 20%.

I get excited just by sharing this with you!  I hope you are excited too as you look at the window of opportunities the Lord is opening before us. 

May the shalom (peace) of our Saviour fill your heart and may His light shine through you!

Warmly in Yeshua,

Jorge Sedaca
Executive Director 

From Our International President,
Dr. Mitch Glaser

One of the challenges that the Jewish people have faced over the centuries is how to preserve our heritage while looking to the future. This may also sum up the goal of Chosen People Ministries. Although when compared to Jewish history, our more than 100-year-old existence seems a mere drop in the bucket of eternity, we must also look ahead - even as we act as responsible stewards of our traditions.

Our present growth is built upon the strong foundation established by the founders of Chosen People Ministries. In 1892, Rabbi Leopold Cohn, a recent immigrant to New York City from Hungary, was walking on the Lower East Side of Manhattan among thousands of other new Jewish immigrants when he heard a Jewish preacher proclaiming the Gospel in the Yiddish language. Rabbi Cohn stopped to speak with this man and eventually gave his heart to the Messiah. After receiving his theological training and leading his wife, Rose, to the Lord, Rabbi Cohn established the Brownsville Mission to the Jews.

From these humble beginnings, Chosen People Ministries now serves the Jewish people all over the world.

I am grateful for our heritage. Yet I also am able to rejoice that in many ways, Chosen People Ministries is now more vital than ever. We have changed some of our means of communication - I like to joke that Rabbi Cohn probably did not have as effective a website as we do today - but in the midst of change and utilizing modern technology, we continue to hold fast to the rabbi's vision of evangelizing and discipling Jewish people worldwide.

Our core doctrinal position has not changed in more than a century. We believe with all our hearts that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that Jesus is the promised Messiah of Israel - and that the simple message of His death and resurrection has the power to transform the lives of Jews and Gentiles.

We have a great heritage and a bright future because God is faithful! With your prayers and partnership, we hope to keep proclaiming the Gospel until we see Him face to face.

For Zion's sake,

Dr. Mitch Glaser
President, Chosen People MinistriesCPM Logo