Administration Matters!

November 2017

Dear Friend of Chosen People Ministries,

Thank you for your interest in Jewish evangelism and God's chosen people.  We continue to focus on that task, moving forward as God leads us into new ministry opportunities.  Let me update you on a couple of things.

Winnipeg News

Long-time members of our Toronto Ministry Team, Charles and Joan Hopkin have answered the call to lead our work in Winnipeg.  (I hear they’ve had snow already this fall!)  

The Hopkins have settled in and are getting a handle on what God wants them to do to reach Jewish people in Manitoba with the Good News of Messiah.  Getting to know the area and the Messianic congregation we have there is part of their task during this transition period. 

A formal Installation Service is planned for Saturday, November 11 at 10:30 am during the Shabbat worship service (450 Lilac Street, Winnipeg).  If you are free to attend, we’d love to see you there!

The Toronto Messianic Centre

As we wait for the City of Toronto to approve the variances to our second floor project, we realized we had to take care of some immediate needs at the Toronto Messianic Centre. 

The first problem was some of our windows After each severe rain – of which we’ve had many this summer – significant indoor water leakage was apparent around several of our windows.  When we had the problems examined, we learned that the wooden frames around four of the windows had rotted; they had to be totally rebuilt and sealed.   Of course, it was prudent to seal and caulk all the windows, whether leaking or not.     

We began looking for someone to look after this job.  Three window companies turned down our request for various reasons – too small a job, union worker issues, not interested in working on frames, etc.  Through one of our Board Directors, we finally found someone who was knowledgeable, professional and reasonably priced.  He finished everything in just three days and did a superb job.

As you can see, the new window frames still need to be painted to match the rest of the windows.  Hopefully, the water issues have been resolved.  Now we are anxious to see what happens when the first big rain hits us!

Administration Matters

Other challenges related to our operations have had to do with equipment updates and upgrades.   

During the summer, a few of our old computers (and, in computer years, some were very old!) began to malfunction.  Our server was also showing signs of old age with recurring breakdowns or service interruptions that were affecting almost every aspect of our work.  So we had to invest in new computers, a new server and a new wireless router. 

We contracted the services of a small but very professional company that specializes in working with non-profit organizations like ours.  They are taking care of our computer needs in an efficient, reliable and reasonable manner.  It is wonderful to know they are there to help whenever there is a computer hiccup at the Centre.

In addition to this, we face rising costs for office supplies, printing and mailing services.  In spite of our efforts to increase our electronic communications – such as with this email – reliable research shows that printed communications are still necessary and effective tools for ministries such as ours.  The days when all printed communication is done away with seems to be still years in the future.

The Purpose of This Letter

The purpose of this letter is to ask you to consider giving a financial gift to help us cover some of our operational costs.  
I am well aware that this request is not as appealing or exciting as when we ask you to help us in evangelistic outreach across Canada or to support projects in Israel or to help sponsor a missionary or a special event. 

But I hope you realize that, if we don’t have the infrastructure for a successful ministry operation, we cannot fulfill our mission in today’s world.  

Our missionaries and our congregations cannot function as effectively if the administrative and operations side of the Mission is not able to function efficiently.   Our equipment and facilities must be maintained at their best so that our support ministry can accomplish all the tasks involved in our mission.
Everyone on our staff is conscientiously making an effort to use every resource wisely.  Each of us makes sacrifices so that funds are spent only as needed, ensuring we spend more in ministry than in operations! But the need is still there to pay the bills!
So, will you prayerfully consider sending an “extra” donation to help us in this area?  A donation of any amount, large or small, will go a long way to cover some of these expenses.  Our secure Donation Page has some suggested amounts for you to consider.  And remember, we accept cheques, credit cards, automatic electronic deductions and even gifts by phone (1-888-442-5535).
We hope to hear from you soon, whenever you’re ready!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your partnership.  May the Lord continue to bless you as a channel of blessings to others through Chosen People Ministries.
Until all Israel is saved,
Jorge Sedaca
Executive Director

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