About Chosen People Ministries

Who do you people think you are?

Chosen People Ministries is an evangelical, Bible-based faith mission, founded in 1894 by an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who came to know Jesus. 

We focus on evangelism in Jewish communities, discipling new Jewish believers and planting Messianic congregations for Jewish and Gentile believers. 

Our outreach focuses on Jewish communities in Canada, but our international organization is at work in Israel, the USA, France, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, the Ukraine, Russia, Germany (yes, Germany!), the UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong (believe it or not) and – did I mention Israel?


Do the Jewish people really need the Gospel?

The Bible teaches that the Jewish people are the apple of His eye.

He gave us a Jewish Messiah – Jesus or, in Hebrew, Yeshua. 

He gave us the scriptures through Jewish prophets. 

He gave the Gospel to the Jewish people first and, today, He still wants them to receive the gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus.

Do Jewish people really accept Jesus?


There’s nothing like sharing the Good News with a Jewish person who’s hungry to have the kind of relationship with God that you have! 

It’s exciting to be part of a worship service led by a Jewish believer. 

It’s wonderful to see an older Jewish believer full of inner peace and celebrating her journey of faith. 

It’s thrilling to be part of a congregation of Jews and Gentiles worshipping Jesus together. 

And, how wonderful to attend a Jewish baptism!  (Once we had a baptismal service for Jewish and former-Muslim believers together.  Now, that was something to rejoice about!) 


What about me?  I’m not Jewish.

We’re interested in you, too!  In fact, one of our favourite things is to teach Christians like you about the Jewish roots of Christianity. 

For example, have you ever celebrated Resurrection Day in its original form – Passover?  Or do you sometimes wonder about what some of those Jewish writers of the Bible were really talking about? 

We can help!  We have special speakers available to teach your church or Bible study group, people who can  explain some of the Jewishness of the scriptures. 

We also hold special Messianic Bible conferences in different Canadian locations. 

And we can recommend other resources you’ll find helpful (books, DVDs, etc.).

Isn’t it hard to share the Gospel with Jewish people?

Actually, it’s no harder than sharing with any other people group, but there are some cultural sensitivities to keep in mind. 

We can help – whether you just want a few tips or would like some in-depth training. 

And you’ll find this encouraging:  most Jewish believers come to faith because their Gentile friends tell them about Jesus, the Jewish Messiah! 

So what’s stopping you?!


Ok.  So how can I get involved?

We were hoping you would ask!  Here are a few ideas … 

Attend one of our Messianic congregations – just once or many times. 

Visit Israel with one of our Messianic tours, Israel Through Jewish Eyes

Become one of our short-term missionaries – for a week or a month or more – in Toronto or Hamilton or New York City or Miami or Israel. 

Attend one of our regular or special-occasion Messianic conferences

Become one of our Partners in Ministry – prayerfully and/or financially supporting Jewish evangelism here in Canada and around the world.  Our newsletter, The Chosen People, has been keeping our Partners up to date on Jewish evangelism around the world for a century.  We’ll send it to you.  For free.  Such a deal! 

Become a Watchman For Jerusalem through electronic giving. 

Consider becoming one of our full- or part-time staff.  We’re always looking for new missionaries and often looking for new support staff.  

Pray.  Pray.  Pray.  We believe in prayer and treasure the prayer support of our Partners.

Call us.  Send us a note.  We’re very friendly!