Michael's Story
A Lengthy Journey to Messiah's Truth

Michael was born into a Jewish family in the Ukrainian city of Lvov. He poured his efforts into education, earning a Master's Degree in Construction Engineering. In 1988, he met his wife, Natalie. Like Michael, Natalie sought truth in many places, and together they searched for answers through the arts, culture and literature—but found none.

Michael says, "As a Jew growing up in a Russian culture, I believed there was a God. I was even open to the idea of Jesus, but thought that perhaps Jesus was a prophet. I had read the Bible with an intellectual understanding, but had not yet been introduced to the true and living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob."

Michael and Natalie never dreamed they would be able to leave the Soviet Union, but in 1989, the "Iron Curtain" fell. Disappointed with life in Ukraine, they thought an "escape" to Israel would give them the solution to fill the void in their lives. However, upon arrival in Israel, they found the same types of problems they left in Ukraine, with no apparent spiritual answers to the meaning of life.

One day, a pastor they met in their intensive Hebrew class explained the Gospel and helped them understand their need for Messiah's forgiveness. In 1990, Michael and his wife committed their lives to Yeshua (Jesus). God gave Michael a passion to see other Russian immigrants come to know Messiah.

Michael joined Chosen People Ministries in 1994 and helped establish a congregation in the Tel Aviv area. He now serves as the director over the Mission's work in Israel.

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