Yom HaShoah

What is Yom HaShoah?

Yom HaShoah, also recognized as Holocaust Remembrance Day, occurs on the 27th of Nisan (a week after the seventh day of Passover and a week before Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day for Israel’s fallen soldiers). This is a memorial day for all those who died in the Holocaust.  In 2018, Yom HaShoah falls on April 12.

On this day in Israel, sirens go off to commemorate Holocaust remembrance. Every Israeli man, woman, and child will immediately stop what he or she is doing to pay silent tribute for two whole minutes. Those who are driving, pull over and sit silently in their cars—all traffic comes to a stop. Imagine the sight of entire highways at a standstill to remember the lives that were so brutally cut short by the greatest evil the world has ever known. Would you take two minutes today to remember the Holocaust as well?

More than 1.6 million Jewish people in Israel live in poverty and do not have enough to eat. Most are recent immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Many are Holocaust survivors who are living out their days in the Holy Land.

We provide food for as many of these precious people as we can!

Learn more by watching this short film.

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