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Is Jerusalem Israel's Capital City - Michael Wodlinger
December 5, 2017
By Dr. Michael Wodlinger, Quebec Representative

On Thursday, November 30, 2017, the United Nations passed the following resolution tabled by Syria:  Any actions taken by Israel, the occupying power, to impose their laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem are illegal and therefore null and void and have no validity whatsoever. 

Only six countries voted against the resolution, including Canada, the United States and Israel itself. 

There are two issues which focus clearly on God’s Word – Israel being considered an “occupying power” and Israel having no jurisdiction over the administration of Jerusalem.

To the first issue: Is Israel an occupying power?  To be an occupying power, the dominant nation needs to have conquered an inferior nation. 

Let’s examine Scripture.  In Genesis 13, God Himself gives the land of Israel to Abraham and to His descendants through Isaac, the child of Promise (not Ishmael, who does not receive the inheritance).  “Look all around you from where you are, to the north, the south, the east and the west. All the land you see I will give to you and your descendants forever” (Genesis 13:14-15).  Since Abraham was in Hebron at the time, the current site of Jerusalem lies within God’s gift to His people.

The historical/archeological evidence is even more convincing.  Throughout the centuries, many people groups have occupied Jerusalem, from the Philistines to the Romans and, in more modern times, the Turks.  However, there has always been a Jewish presence within Jerusalem and the surrounding territory.  In 1917, when the Turks were driven out of Jerusalem by the British, the Balfour Declaration promised Israel a homeland with Jerusalem as their capital.  Israel fought four wars with invading forces led by the Arab League before finally regaining their right to their own city.

Now, as to the right of Israel to administer Jerusalem, let’s return to Scripture.  In Psalm 122:3-5 King David clearly tells us:  “Jerusalem, built as a city fostering friendship and unity. The tribes have gone up there, the tribes of Adonai, as a witness to Isra’el, to give thanks to the name of Adonai For there the thrones of justice were set up, the thrones of the house of David.”

Then in Jeremiah 3:17-18, we find the prophecy and the reality:  “All the nations will be gathered there to the name of Adonai, to Jerusalem. No longer will they live according to their stubbornly evil hearts.  In those days, the house of Judah will live together with the house of Israel; they will come together from the lands in the north to the land I gave your ancestors as their heritage” (emphasis added).

Obviously, there is much more evidence - Biblically, archeologically and historically – supporting the reality that Israel and Jerusalem belong to the Jewish people.

Beloved, what we are hearing and reading in the media regarding Israel has all been prophesied. This should not come as a surprise.  In this conflict, the clear question for us is – whose side are we on?

CONSIDER: Anyone who opposes Israel’s right to the land God gave them is on the side of the adversary, satan. Other religions claim Israel and Jerusalem as their own, but without any evidence or proof.  Whose side are you on?

ACT:  I urge you to support Israel both with prayer and finances.  There are dark times ahead and many lives will be lost.  The time of the Tribulation is close at hand.

PRAY:  Dear Abba, beloved and holy Father, I know you have a special place in Your heart for Israel, Your land, and for Jerusalem, Your city. I pray, Abba, for your protection on the Holy Land and your people.  I know what must happen will and I ask for mercy and love.  In your blessed name I pray.

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On Thursday, January 4, 2018, Lean said
It is a stark reality that many world leaders and ordinary people have their understanding darkened to the simple truth-Jerusalem is Israel`s territory. We who are enlightened are at peace knowing God will carry out his prophecies concerning Jerusalem and all human efforts against it are fruitless.


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